October 31, 2023

C. elegans Image Contest – Terms and conditions


  1. Contest entrants must be 18 years or older
  2. No purchase is required for entry
  3. Images that have won previous competitions may not enter
  4. All entries meeting our submission requirements will be displayed on the contest gallery page of our website. Images may also be displayed on other sections of our website, marketing materials, and social media channels. By entering this contest you agree to grant vivoVerse, Inc. a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual right and license to use the submitted image for use on our website and in marketing materials and social media. The image owner will still retain full ownership of any image and will be credited for its use.
  5. Image requirements: Images must be at least 1544 x 1544 pixels and in an standard format such as .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .tiff. Any scientific imaging method (e.g. confocal, widefield, structured illumination, DIC) or microscope/stereoscope system is valid. Video submissions may also be considered. There should be no text, scale bars or watermarks on the full-resolution contest entry image but additional images with these features may be included as supplementary data.
  6. The grand prize will be chosen based on image quality, scientific impact, aesthetic quality, and uniqueness by our panel of vivoVerse scientists with backgrounds in C. elegans biology and imaging technologies.
  7. At least 4 submissions from different labs are required for judging of the grand prize. If there are fewer submissions, these will automatically be entered into any future contest.
  8. Multiple submissions per person are accepted and encouraged, however submission prizes are limited to 1 reward per participant.
  9. Submissions are limited to 5 per laboratory. vivoVerse reserves the right to group submissions together if submissions from the same lab are substantially similar in terms of subject and appearance.


  1. Submission prizes: All entries meeting our requirements will be rewarded with a $20 (or equivalent value in local currency) Amazon giftcard as a thank you for your participation. This is limited to 1 reward per participant.
  2. Grand Prize: The winning entry will be chosen by our judging panel and receive a $100 (or equivalent value in local currency) Amazon giftcard. This will be announced in December 2023 following the close of this contest.