Precise, accurate monitoring and control of flow rates during your experiments

vivoFlow is a flow sensor designed to integrate with the vivoCube+ and provide precise, accurate monitoring and control of flow rates and volumes delivered by the vivoCube+.


Closed loop control with the vivoCube+ for steady, smooth flow rates

Flow rate sensing and control from <0.1µL/min to 2 mL/min*

Sterilizable and compatible with a wide range of chemicals and media

Compact size

*Depending on model used, standard and precision (ultra-low flow rates) models available.

Flowrate range ±2000 µL/min (bidirectional)
Sensor output limit ±3250 µL/min
Sensing accuracy in flowrate range* ±5% of value
±0.5 µL/min (standard)
±0.1 µL/min (precision)
Sensing resolution ±0.1 µL/min (standard)
±0.004 µL/min (precision)
Flowrate stability* ±0.1% of value
±0.1 µL/min
Calibrated for H2O, IPA
Operating temperature range 5-50°C

*total flow rate is divided among the two channels if operated simultaneously