Order replacement part kits and accessories for vivoChip and vivoCube.

Tubing kit

Kit with replacement tubing for vivoChips.

• 4× pieces input tubing with vivoChip couplers and luer stub adaptors (4′)
• 4× pieces output tubing with vivoChip couplers (2′)
• 2× pieces anesthetic loading tubing with vivoChip couplers (3″)
• 2× tubing sealing plugs

Bottle kit

The bottle kit can be used to replace the existing vivoCube buffer reservoir bottle and input tubing, or connected in parallel to enable simultaneous operation of 2 chips (adaptor required for connecting 2 bottles at once, please specify in quote)

• 250 mL reservoir bottle for buffers
• Ported cap
• Air pressure input tubing
• Buffer output tubing
• Buffer output tubing
• Stopcock and luer connector

Tool replacement kit

The tool replacement kit contains replacement tools and accessories used to run vivoChips.

• 4× 40 µm mesh basket filters for C. elegans
• 4× 1.2 µm syringe filters for buffer filtration
• 10× 5 mL syringes
• 1× pair needle-nose pliers