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vivoChip-2x loading & immobilization

See how vivoChip® enables rapid immobilization and alignment of multiple worms for high resolution imaging

Loading C. elegans to image PolyQ protein aggregation

C. elegans with a YFP reporter showing PolyQ protein aggregation (a worm model for Huntington’s disease) are loaded into a vivoChip for immobilization and high-resolution imaging. Immobilized worms are then imaged so the aggregates can be quantified in each animal.

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Large scale phenotypic screening of chemical libraries with C. elegans

vivoVerse hosted this webinar introducing the high-throughput version of our system, the vivoChip-96x, and how it has been used for large-scale screens. Dr. Sudip Mondal of UT Austin, presents his work on high-throughput, high-content screens of chemical libraries in C. elegans, which were performed using the vivoChip-96x and integrated imaging system.

C. elegans is rapidly gaining interest as an animal alternative in vivo model for toxicology and drug candidate screening, but high-resolution imaging of the thousands of animals necessary for large phenotypic screens has been impossible with existing technology. Dr. Mondal will show how large-scale phenotypic screening was performed in the vivoChip-96x to identify compounds of interest.

High-content analysis of disease models and toxicology studies using C. elegans

vivoVerse presents a 30 minute live webinar on the applications of the vivoChip® for rapid immobilization of up to 40 C. elegans within minutes and high-resolution imaging in any microscope. During this webinar, we will demonstrate how the vivoChip can accelerate researchers’ workflow in the lab and enables high-throughput and high-content studies on the following topics: High-resolution imaging of C. elegans germline in three dimensions; C. elegans for assessing developmental and reproductive toxicity; C. elegans for assessing developmental neurotoxicity

This webinar would be useful for: researchers in the C. elegans community doing high-resolution imaging or phenotypic scoring of neurons, germline cells, or other tissues; assay developers performing chemical library or RNAi screens in multiple populations; toxicologists looking for alternatives to animal models for toxicity testing; and anyone interested in finding out more about our products and services.