Simple to setup and operate

Immobilize up to 40 animals in parallel

Chips available for L1 – D5 stages

Compatible with all microscopes

Quantitative analysis in a few minutes

No microfluidics experience required

What is the vivoChip-2x?

The vivoChip-2x platform is a smaller scale version of our device designed for academic labs. It features the exact same technology as our larger devices and streamlines C. elegans immobilization by aligning them in parallel for high-resolution imaging. The platform has a proprietary design to immobilize animals in 40 parallel channels within 3 minutes, while orienting them in their lateral axis for high-resolution imaging at high speeds.

See the vivoChip in action

vivoChip works with our vivoCube+ for fast, easy immobilization

The vivoCube+ is our microfluidics controller, designed to make using the vivoChips easy, and is required to use our chips.

To run an experiment with a vivoChip, capillary tubing with worms is inserted into the loading side of the chip. The tubing is then connected to the buffer reservoir bottle of the vivoCube+. Activating the vivoChip loading program starts a series of regulated pressure cycles, which load the worms into the channels and orientates them in their lateral orientation for ideal imaging conditions.

vivoChips are available for all worm stages

  • vivoChip-2x L1-L2 for larval 1 to early larval 2 stage animals.
    vivoChip-2x L2-L3 for late larval stage 2 to larval 3 stage animals.
    vivoChip-2x L4-YA for larval 4 to young adult stage animals.
    vivoChip-2x D1-D5 for day 1 to day 5 adult stage animals.

vivoChips are also suitable for other types of nematode including parasitic species of humans and animals.


vivoChip pack contents:

Each pack contains 4 vivoChips (8 independent immobilization devices), tubing, and connectors for connecting to the vivoCube.