vivoChip (Price will be shown in quote)

Pack of 4 vivoChip-2x (8 immobilization devices total) and tubing.

vivoChips are available for all worm stages:

vivoChip-2x L1-L2 for larval 1 to early larval 2 stage animals.
vivoChip-2x L2-L3 for late larval stage 2 to larval 3 stage animals.
vivoChip-2x L4-YA for larval 4 to young adult stage animals.
vivoChip-2x D1-D5 for day 1 to day 5 adult stage animals.

A vivoCube+ is required to use the vivoChips. To see more information on the vivoCube+, click here.


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L4-YA, D1-D5, L1-L2, L2-L3, Unsure/Get advice for my worm stage(s)