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About vivoVerse:

vivoVerse is an Austin-based biotechnology company, offering in vivo toxicology testing services using C. elegans. vivoVerse is the exclusive licensee of a microfluidics-based technology, vivoChip®, that allows high-throughput and high-content analysis of C. elegans. This platform has been sold to C. elegans researchers around the globe for accelerating their image-based studies. At vivoVerse, we are fully committed to making significant social and economic contributions by helping to bring safer chemicals and drugs to the market with reduced development cost, time, and the number of higher-order vertebrate animal testing.

Currently available positions

Manager, Marketing and Business Development

Machine Learning Engineer


We are always keen to hear from interested and talented people and to keep resumes on file. If you have experience in fields such as C. elegans biology, toxicology, imaging, automation, or computer science, and are interested in the company, feel free to send your resume and a cover letter telling us about what you could bring to our team to