DDNews features Newormics in their latest issue in a special report on drug screening

The research of Newormics is featured in a special report in the July 2019 issue of DDNews in an article titled “Phenotypic finery: Microscopy meets the molecular in the search for phenotypic impacts in drug screening”. This article reviews cutting-edge research in drug discovery using novel microscopy and image analysis technologies to screen potential drug compounds and investigate their molecular mechanisms. The author highlights how C. elegans models are making an impact in drug screening.

The author interviews Newormics CEO Adela Ben-Yakar, where she describes the inspirations for the development of the vivoChip platform and highlights how it has been successfully used to perform a previous drug screen. A large set of neuroprotective compounds (norbenzomorphans) were tested in a C. elegans Alzheimer’s model on the vivoChip®-96x, identifying at least two promising new drug leads.

Read the article here…

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