Newormics launches new vivoChips for early stage worms

Early larval stages of C. elegans (L1 to L3 and Dauer) have always been among the hardest to immobilize and image successfully, due to their tiny size and difficulties with using conventional anesthetics and time-consuming mounting methods. To help researchers solve these problems, Newormics is launching two new devices in our vivoChip®-2x range: vivoChip®-2x L1-L2, for immobilizing L1 to early L2  worms; and vivoChip®-2x L2-L3, for immobilizing late L2 to L3  worms. These devices can also be used to immobilize Dauer worms without anesthetic.

The new devices have been carefully designed and extensively tested using a new variable pressure system to trap up to 40 early stage animals. The vivoCube system can immobilize them in parallel on a thin 150 µm glass substrate for high-resolution imaging in an ideal optical orientation.

Find our more in our product page.

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