Newormics resumes operations

Dear Colleagues, Customers, and Collaborators:

At our Newormics location in Austin, TX, we have been allowed to re-open. We have resumed operations in our lab and in our manufacturing facility as of August 1st. This means we can now be contacted for purchasing our vivoCube system, accessory kits, and for obtaining more vivoChips for your lab.

Some of our staff will continue to work from home where necessary due to elevated risk factors for Covid-19. We are working as a team to best accommodate each one of our customers. You can reach us at and if you have any questions. We are here for you!

How we are reopening

We will be following the CDC’s recommended guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe.

We are taking the following precautions with our employees:

  • All workers will have their temperature taken before entering the building
  • Anyone entering the building will be required to have a face mask
  • Workers will sanitize and disinfect shared services frequently
  • We encourage everyone to wash/sanitize your hands before coming to the facilities and, most importantly, to stay at home if you are feeling sick.

We are carefully monitoring the situation

At Newormics, we recognize that combating the spread of this new virus requires a global community effort. As we navigate this uncharted landscape together with you, our first concern is to express best wishes for the safety and security of yourselves and your families.

If you have specific questions not addressed here or on our website, please reach out to us.

We hope all of you remain safe and healthy and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Adela Ben-Yakar

CEO and Co-founder

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