vivoVerse moves into new HQ

vivoVerse (formerly operating as Newormics) has expanded its base of operations into a customized, newly refurbished space in Austin, Texas. The new headquarters comprises over 2400 square-foot of laboratory, office, and meeting space and is situated in the Balcones Office Park, just north of downtown and UT Austin. Here, we lead you on a quick tour of the company’s new home.

A spacious open-plan office area seats the team, and a large meeting suite with audiovisual and teleconferencing equipment leads off this area. From here, people can view work being performed the main laboratory.

The heart of the facility is this wet-lab area, equipped with the workspace, storage, and dedicated equipment for  performing high-throughput screens of chemical and biological libraries in C. elegans. The facility is fully provisioned and managed for GLP compliant testing. Incubators, cryostorage , fridges and freezers are  ready for strain and sample archival. A class II biosafety cabinet ensures sample protection and personnel safety during screens.

The imaging lab is equipped with a custom-designed, automated wide-field Olympus microscope and acquisition computer running vivoverse’s proprietary vivoImager® software. This equipment will allow the company to perform high-throughput data collection from vivoChips with large chemical libraries. The space will allow future expansion  also has multi-terabyte, high-redundancy data storage, with off-site cloud backup, and a connected analysis lab next door. Here the results are analysed by the team using vivoScore® software, which allows GUI based, rapid, semi-automated scoring of phenotypes imaged during the screens.

vivoVerse is confident that their new facilities will serve the company well as it continues to expand its operations.

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